South North is a design and technology studio creating websites, apps and digital products for the ecosystems of the future.

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We design across industries, markets, cultures, platforms, channels and technologies

  • Design Thinking

    At the heart of our creative ethos is a commitment to redefining problems and crafting solutions that resonate on a profound level and help organizations with structuring and leading brainstorming sessions and provide internal teams and partners with the necessary resources and assistance for evaluating and putting ideas and visions into action, ultimately resulting in genuine transformative outcomes.

  • Digital Products and Platforms

    In the rapidly changing digital world of today, we specialize in assisting brands and agencies in swiftly and effectively creating and launching new concepts and products. We offer profound insights into the latest technologies and trends, guiding you from the initial concept to prototyping, innovation, and ultimately, transformation.

  • Web and App Design

    From sleek, responsive websites to intuitive mobile applications, we are always at the forefront of digital aesthetics and functionality transforming visions into virtual masterpieces seamlessly fusing design ingenuity with user-centric functionality ensuring every click and swipe resonates with your audience.

  • VR. Virtual Reality

    Whether it's immersive virtual environments, interactive storytelling, or mind-bending visual experiences, we specialize in turning ideas into extraordinary realities to elevate your brand presence and engage your audience on an unprecedented level.

    Our team of visionary artists, designers, and technologists seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with unparalleled creativity to bring your brand to life in ways you never thought possible.

  • AR. Augmented Reality

    AR is today being used in a multitude of applications helping consumers and industry professionals enhance their interaction with the physical world.

    From placing an object or product within a room in real size through superimposing 3D models and other visual information on physical objects and spaces, augmented reality is slowly becoming a standard in consumer’s expectations within the content structure of any brand’s digital ecosystem.

  • AI. Artificial Intelligence

    From intelligent design concepts to dynamic data-driven campaigns, we infuse your brand with the transformative potential of AI to transform ordinary concepts into extraordinary experiences. Our team of AI specialists, creatives, and strategists collaborates seamlessly to redefine the possibilities of your brand’s expression.

  • Training Simulations

    We are world leaders in designing virtual reality safety training experiences for a variety of industries including construction, industrial and healthcare.

    Our unique approach is based on core behavioural psychology principles where repetition in task oriented problem solving through a lens of experiential and environmental awareness, leads to life saving and cost efficient behavioural changes in real humans.

  • Metaverse Strategy and Environments

    Whether to mingle, play or even work together we are all in one way or other already interacting with platforms that can be described as a Metaverse; a game, a social media platform or a Web 3.0 digital space.

    By 2027, over 40% of large organizations worldwide will be using a combination of Web3, spatial computing and digital twins in metaverse-based projects aimed at increasing revenues.

  • Touch Screens

    Touch screens and tactile digital experiences add new levels of interaction that greatly increase engagement time.

    With Interaction and Creativity being an essential part of the learning process, digital interactive experiences in stores, showrooms and offices offer enhanced immersion making customers and visitors better recall the experiences.

  • Digital Commerce

    We blend innovation and commerce seamlessly, crafting bespoke strategies and captivating designs that redefine online brand experiences.

    From sleek user interfaces to strategic conversion optimization, we have a long proven track record in creating immersive digital commerce solutions that captivate your audience and drive exceptional results.

  • XR Live Events and Trade Shows

    Drive Traffic and increase attendance to your exhibition spaces and stores with multi sensory Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences that showcase your products or technology in imaginative, informative and engaging ways.

    VR showrooms and AR interactions can generate unprecedented buzz and pique the interests of everyone around your stand, drastically increasing visibility and making ROI at events incredibly high.

  • 3D Modelling

    Whether pre-rendered or real-time 3D our CGI Visualisation teams can bring your products and services to life in extremely high quality 3D images and animation, independent of format or quality level.

    Whether made for films, marketing material or interactive experiences our 3D modelling and rendering visuals are second to none.

  • 3D Production Pipeline

    Future proof your production by developing content pipelines and workflows that allow you to output content across all your marketing channels with ease.

    Our CGI Visualization processes can help you automate the creation of all types of 3D content while also storing it for use when and where it is needed.

South North operates as an agency run by a group of highly experienced designers, technologists and producers that have worked on some of the most iconic and highly awarded digital experiences and design systems of the past 20 years.

Whether startups or some of the world’s biggest brands we are experts in helping companies identify current and future needs and then design and build digital products and experiences that bring real value and help the transformation journey most companies are on.

Our clients include Volvo, Bang&Olufsen, Polestar, Dior, Reebok, IKEA, Novo Nordisk, Skanska, Renault, Nike, OnePlus, Husqvarna, Desigual, Telenor, SKF and Chalmers University among others.