Smart Sustainable Offices

Smart & sustainable offices VR toolkit

During our normal working life, we spend an average of 90.000 hours at the office while at the same time, offices are the second largest type of building contributing to negative environmental impacts. In addition, studies show that in a bad office environment, employees are often uninspired and prone to sickness. This has to do with everything from interior design to bad indoor environmental quality.

Smart Sustainable Offices (or SSO) is a science-based method developed by world leading researchers, and supported by the Climate KIC. It brings the end to speculation over what makes a good office!

Dreams, a company within Gothenburg’s Chalmers University group, are world experts in smart sustainable office design but one of the difficulties in their design process is explaining to their customers which office type will be best suited to them as every company has their own individual needs for their employees, unique location and type of business.

Working together with the Dreams team we created an SSO VR Toolbox that includes a selection of predesigned 3D office environments; from meeting rooms to desk arrangements and common spaces that users are able to enter, view and walk around in. Utilising smart and simple virtual experience design, our application lets you shift through multiple interior design styles within each environment, from natural or artificial lighting to changing wall colours or types of furniture, getting a live-in experience through a multitude of different room choices.

In the end, our unique VR tool helps speed up the design process but most importantly ensures a better understanding and decision making on the right space for each individual company.

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