Eton Systems

The future of textile production

A VR experience pointing towards the future of textile production

Today everyone talks about transformation and change in almost every industry but few brands and products can truly say they walk the talk.

When Eton Systems came to South North Studios with a unique new production system for the textile industry we immediately saw an opportunity to use Virtual Reality to not only showcase a product no one had seen before, but also convince potential customers of the truly transformative power of this new production method.

And like our client's solution we also did more than just talk. By building a real full scale textile production house housing an animated fully operational ETON System, we showed potential customers exactly what this is, how it works and how it fits in their own textile production business.

The success was immense. Our product generated more conversations with potential customers than ETON ever had in trade shows and there was a continuous queue throughout the duration of the event not only from prospects but also people curious to see what all the buzz was about exponentially increasing brand recognition among their peers.

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