Table experience

MRI & CT Scanner virtual exhibition

Our Latest Innovation in interactive experience design!

We had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Fujifilm for the ECR2024 exhibition in Vienna and create an immersive, interactive touch screen table experience that both captivated and educated audiences while showcasing their new groundbreaking line of MRI and CT scanners.

Designing for touch screen tables is a journey into a realm where digital meets physical, where user experience transcends the screen to become a shared, immersive adventure. As we continue to explore this frontier, the potential for innovation and creativity in exhibition design is boundless. This fundamental shift means designing for more intuitive, gesture-based interactions, encouraging users to explore and engage in a more physical, tactile manner. They also often cater to multiple users simultaneously, a stark contrast to the typically solitary web experience. This communal aspect requires thoughtful consideration of spatial dynamics, ensuring that content is accessible and engaging from various angles and to diverse groups of users.

We meticulously designed and developed intuitive touch screen interactions and animations, allowing visitors to explore the advanced features of FujiFilm scanners in a way that's both highly engaging and informative. Our goal was to create a seamless blend of technology and creativity that highlighted the scanners' cutting-edge capabilities and FujiFilm's commitment to innovation.

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