Novo Nordisk

Aseptic room VR training

Aseptic room VR training

Novo Nordisk, one of the world’s largest health care companies, well known for turning scientific ideas into medicines, has asked South North Studios to design and build a series of VR training programs to support their safety and operational training inside aseptic room environments.

Aseptic rooms are highly specialised work environments that require endless hours of training. Building high end virtual reality replicas of real environments, including full scale machines and production lines with fully functioning moving parts on a 1:1 scale, we created spaces that are as close to the real thing as current VR technology will allow.

Using our unique expertise in creating near photorealistic worlds in VR and in combination with our VR training in-house methodology we are helping Novo Nordisk train highly skilled operators without any physical risk and machine damage by enabling them to practice in realistic environments while understanding the necessary motion mechanics within aseptic rooms and developing specialised environment and machine recognition leading to safe operational abilities.

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