Step Into Safety

Safer Workers, Less Risk – VR and Behavioral Science

For companies like Skanska, the fifth-largest construction company in the world, helping their workers be more aware of unseen risks and avoiding danger is of the utmost importance.

So for this project, Skanska had a simple but very human goal: To reduce accidents and create safer construction sites.

While still employing many traditional methods of accident-awareness training, they are now collaborating with South North Studios to implement a series of VR experiences into their standard worker-safety training program.

Working in close collaboration with experts from both the production and training departments at Skanska, we built a custom VR platform, designed to enable precise replication of real world construction site situations.

This platform allows us to quickly design, develop and roll out a number of training scenarios over time that focuses on various health hazards common within construction the construction industry.

Leveraging our holistic approach to virtual experience creation, we make these scenarios both realistic and engaging, leaving the users with feelings, impressions and memories that have the power to instigate long term positive behavioral change.

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