Volvo Cars

360c VR Experience

Car ownership redefined

Volvo Cars has developed the 360c autonomous vehicle to share their vision of a not too distant future where fully autonomous electric vehicles are the answer to humanity’s mobility needs.

We collaborated with Volvo Design and 3D animation studio Brickland, to help bring that vision of the future to life.

Through an interactive VR driving experience and a 360 Virtual Reality film, we helped tell this extraordinary story and show the world the amazing technology and services that Volvo Cars has envisioned.

Allowing users to enter the world of the Volvo 360c and placing them directly inside the vehicle, aligning physical real scale models to virtual scenarios we allowed visitors to experience for themselves what being inside and using a 360c service vehicle, will really be like.

For us at South North Studios this is a model case for how Virtual Reality can help transport people to places and events that have not yet come to pass or would have otherwise being impossible to achieve due to budget restrains or simple physical reality limitations.

In the end, we helped create a solution that is safe, environmentally sound and comfortable. Exactly like the Volvo Concept 360c autonomous vehicle.

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