Volvo Penta

Assisted Docking VR

Our latest VR simulation showcases Volvo Penta’s new groundbreaking assisted docking technology as it marks a significant step forward for world of maritime tech-applications.

Built in collaboration with Rapid Images for Volvo Penta, our experience aims at exploring the many issues boat owners experience when docking their boat. Our simulation immerses users in a virtual environment as they are placed in a 1:1 recreation of the island “Smögen” in the west coast of Sweden.

In the waters of Smögen, they participate in what it’s like navigating and docking a yacht with virtual reality acting as gateway to them immersing themselves in the environment. This is all to help them understand and get a feeling of the added benefit of having a computer assisted docking system. While needing to stay true to the very real challenges of handling a yacht, we also wanted the experience to be friendly and accessible to all users independent of their experience. This is something we achieved by programming an accurate representation of the handling of a boat with the real Assisted Docking Joystick acting as the controller; helping those familiar with handling yachts feel right at home.

From turbulent storms to clear sunny days, Volvo Penta proves their new technology will always have your back.

Volvo Penta Assisted Docking VR is showcasing at the World of Volvo in Gothenburg, Sweden, and will be available for the rest of 2024.

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