The future of autonomous vehicles

The Future of Automotive through Standalone VR

Zenuity is an advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous driving software company that is breaking new ground with world-class driver-assistance and autonomous-driving technologies. As connectivity and data-intensive software fundamentally change the traditional automotive development process and value chain, they are rapidly taking us into a future where intelligent connected vehicles assist in avoiding collisions or to let people drive completely autonomously.

Uncloudy & Co, collaborated with South North Studios to create a Virtual Reality journey into the future where we place audiences behind the wheel of an autonomous car utilising all of Zenuity’s safety technologies of the future. Travelling through cities and highways and encountering real life events and scenarios that could happen during a car journey we allow virtual drivers to take an enjoyable and informative ride in an autonomous vehicle while offering a glimpse into the possibilities these technologies offer in making autonomous car journeys more comfortable and safe.

Built for the Oculus Quest VR system, our experience allows Zenuity to present their technology to people around the world from trade shows to individuals within their sale force and engineering teams and beyond.

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